Taking Brands to New Heights

Our Brands

Full Sail IP Partners acquires brands and creates new opportunities for growth and expanded relevance through a transformational brand licensing business model.

Current Brands in our Portfolio:

For 40 Years, Odwalla has been a Movement for a More Vibrant Life.

In 1980, three visionaries decided to bring the future of healthy eating to life. In an era of sugary drinks, these dreamers pursued an all-natural array of imaginative and inventive concepts–mind-blowing smoothies, nutritive snack bars and a game-changing line of soy and oat milks–that created entire industries for decades to come.  

Today, Odwalla continues to blend the best nature has to offer, crafting delicious, all-natural superfoods, bringing peak of flavor goodness to supercharge both the body and soul.

History built on American Restoration.

For over 50 years, Weatherbeater has been providing consumers and contractors with enduring and exceptional home weatherproofing solutions. Our history of innovation to protect, sustain and ultimately create the optimal performance shield against the elements, carries on stronger than ever today.

A pioneer in protecting the fabric of Americana, Weatherbeater advancements continue to deliver high quality, total home weatherproofing solutions, all at a great value.

Explore the trendiest colors, styles, looks and the latest in technological advancements you’ll find in total home weatherproofing solutions, all designed to help make the world a better, more beautiful place.