Full Sail IP Partners is a brand growth engine

About Us

Full Sail IP Partners has the depth of experience to uncover untapped brand potential in the marketplace. High-profile yet underperforming brands are identified and purchased leveraging Full Sail’s deep industry knowledge combined with market intelligence and insights into new and emerging market opportunities. We then identify and execute on new growth opportunities through strategic licensing partnerships. 

As each brand is unique, so is the individualized approach to matching a brand to best-in-class licensees, who together will grow the brand through innovation, creativity, and flawless execution.

Innovators and Visionaries

Our team is comprised of expert, steadfast leaders with deep industry experience. We are committed to discovering underperforming brands to nurture, grow, and then sell, outpacing industry standards and valuations.  We work in a straightforward, trustworthy, and analytical way, gathering reliable and actionable information to generate value while having a long-lasting and positive impact on people and culture.